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Hydraulic Press for Automobile Chassis

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Hydraulic Press For Automobile Chassis Forming
Hydraulic press for sutomobile chassis forming
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Detailed Product Description
Straight side Hydraulic press is for automobile chassis and side member blanking and forming, as well as forming and bending processes for other metal parts.

There are straight side frame or a column type structures, for a column type presses they are mainly been used for forming process, The new generation straight side hydraulic press can be operated for the chaises blanking, forming and piercing. The key points of our chassis forming know how including close loop electric and hydraulic slide parallelism control technology,: the cylinders are driven directly by digital pumps with 0.1MPa pressure control accuracy, comparing with traditional valve control, this new system offers energy saving and less heat in the system, the slide position signals are picked up by twin displacement sensors and the experienced data shows a dynamic position difference of Max. 0.34mm along 12m length slide.

The Main Features
1). Straight side and four column type structures are available on request.
2). Various actions can be chosen including single press working, or multi-press joint working with precise synchronism.
3). Integrated hydraulic control system consists of cartridge valves, synchronous valves and proportional servo valves, featuring high sensitivity and reliability.
4). PLC is adopted in electrical control system, with pushbutton centralized operation; adjustment or two-hand / single cycle work mode at operator's choice.
5). Pre-set stroke forming process or pre-set pressure forming process can be selected on control panel; pressure holding period can be preset according to process.
6). Stroke can pressure can be adjusted within specified scope.

Main Technical Data
Straight side Hydraulic press

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