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Multipurpose Servo Hydraulic Press

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Cold Die Forging Press, Cold Extrusion Press
Cold die forging press, cold extrusion press

Detailed Product Description
Multipurpose Servo Drive Hydraulic Press is specialized in stamping, shallow drawing, shaping, cold die forging, hot die forging, cold extrusion process, SMC/FRP forming and other processes.

This new generation Numerical Servo control Hydraulic presses are basis of Industrial PC control and Servo Motor Driven technology, a much wider application of the presses include sheet metal forming, solid forming and compounding forming process. The new innovation is guiding to an environment friendly and tremendous energy reduction operation in all forming fields.

The Main Features
1). The pump is driven directly via AC Servo Motor, the ram is driven by the system with smooth stroke changing/without impact and vibration,
2). 20-60% energy and 50% oil consumption can be saved comparing with traditional hydraulic presses,
3). Offer an environment friendly operation space due to 20dB noise reduction
4). The close-loop control system consists of encode and servo motor with rapid response and precise control accuracy,
5). The hydraulic system has been maximally optimized, for instance the traditional Pressure control and Speed control circuit are not required anymore, this gives the maximum convenience for maintenance and trouble shooting if any failure,
6). Digital setting and monitoring various data like force, position, speed and time on customer friendly interface,
7). Industry PC is furnished in the press with great flexibility for various data and process programming.
8). Forming & Process Data can be stored and called for quick production setting
9). Two structure: Straight side structure and four-column type.
10). Upper ejecting device
11). Moveable table
12). Die change cart
13). Die protection unit
14). Quick die clamping device

Main Technical Data
Multipurpose Servo Hydraulic Press

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